Translation Services for the Information Technology (IT) Industry

The information technology industry is making huge gains and providing everyone huge benefits in different aspects of their everyday lives.

With the advent of machine learning and AIs that continue to learn by assessing big data, technologies such as self-driving cars and Alphabet's Google Translate has risen to provide automated services to the community that needs these services.

However, traditional and human translations and interpretation is still preferred in certain situations that need a more human approach as in meetings, legal and court appointments, or medical translations as these automated services are still at a point where they still need to catch up with how humans think, talk and interact.

It does not mean that we do not solely rely on humans to do the work; we still use technologies and tools that make the lives of interpreters and translators easier.

We are currently working on a cloud-based platform that allows clients to simply call in and get interpreter services on demand and we will be proud to be the first to introduce this type of service to the market.

This is a very important step forward in providing quality translations and interpreting services.

Imagine this: somebody was in an accident and is brought to a hospital but nobody in the medical staff speaks the same language as the patient. Luckily the hospital can simply call us and get a human to interpret the patient's words. It also works for translating patient's medical histories.

This cloud-based solution is going to be revolutionary that it allows people access to professional language services when they need it. Traditionally, people would need to set up an appointment to get interpreting services or document translations first. With our cloud-based solution anyone that needs language services will have access to it.

App Localisation

Translationz has app translation services designed specifically for mobile app translations. We translate both iOS and Android apps. By having your app in multiple languages you can multiply the opportunities and your return on your original investment in your app development. It is not hard to open additional markets in additional languages for your app. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for your language interpreting services, look no further.

For interpreters and translators who would like to be part of our interpreter platform, you can call us on any of our numbers on the Contact Us page.

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