Japanese Translation Services: Enriching Australian Dialogue

Nihongo is the most common language used by the Japanese people. A Japonic language family member, it has a pitch-accent system of honorifics. There were three scripts used for writing Japanese: kanji, hiragana and katakana. Latin scripts are often used in modern Japanese computer text. The same as the Japanese language, Japanese uses Japanese characters to write it in words but they are never related to each other.

There are approximately 125 million speakers who use Japanese as their primary language and 8 million who use it as their second language.

In the Japanese word order, the verb must be placed at the end of a sentence classified as the subject-object-verb. It has a topic-comment sentence structure with extensive grammatical system to express politeness (honorifics) and formality. There is no verb conjunction, gender of nouns or articles in the Japanese language, which makes the subject of the sentence difficult to identify. 

Koreans and Mongolians may find Japanese language easier to learn, for their grammar is somehow related to with each other. Some research shows that it is better and easier to learn Japanese first than Japanese because if you learn to read Kanji (Japanese), you will be able to read many Japanese symbols even if you did not study it aside from the fact that it is not tonal.

Here is a picture of Japan's famous Shibuya Crossing, and note that most signs are in Japanese and have very minimal English. It is because a large majority of Japanese are still not familiar in using English, with a recent study done by the education ministry and published by Japan Times in 2015 showing that across 480 high schools in Japan, 29.2% of third-year students scored zero in their Eiken written English proficiency test, and 13.3% scored zero on the speaking portion. These numbers are far below the target of the Japanese government.

Japanese Translation and Interpreter Services

Though Japanese immigration to Australia is only fairly recent when compared to European migration to Australia, there are still a fairly large Japanese-speaking and writing population in Australia as it continues to be one of the top destination for Japanese travelers abroad. Japanese either study, work, or migrate to Australia and need translation services for their documents, as well as interpreters for legal proceedings or meetings. It is also therefore important for business owners in Australia to cater to this segment of the market.

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