Expert Technical and Website Translation for Digital Success

Translationz provides professional-grade technical translation services for a wide variety of technology needs.

We always use human translators on our projects. In addition, for translations of website and technology projects that contain significant repetition, we use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you are getting your translation delivered in the most cost-effective way possible.

The old adage “time is money” takes on new meaning in today’s global technology market. The technology industry is fast-paced, and timeframes for getting products to market are shrinking. The successful technology developers are those able to get their products into the hands of more buyers in more regions of the world sooner than their competitors. Synchronized distribution of software, consumer electronics, and other technologies is no longer the exception; it is expected.

Translationz understands that speed is of the essence in order for technology and software companies to reduce time to market in target regions. At the same time, accuracy and appropriateness are paramount when translating code and messaging for local markets. We offer competitive pricing and rapid turnaround, and all translation work is assigned to native linguists and editors.

Translationz integrates language and localisation technologies to streamline content retrieval; collaboration among translators, editors, and testers; and delivery of completed work to the customer in accordance with their internal content-management systems.

Website Translations

Clients can provide us access to their website and let us update it, or clients can provide the text that they want translated into another target language. We provide clients with a document containing the translated website text side by side (or back to back) with the original text in a format such as a Microsoft Word document. The client completes the upload of the translation, and we then provide another layer of checking to ensure proper placement of the translation. Issues often appear in this upload stage, such as translated words exceeding their tabs or column space. We highly recommend a final review by Translationz to help with the final polishing.

Joomla and Wordpress Translation Services

We specialize in translating websites using Joomla! with its content management systems and we can help you set up your website and help make it look professionally made. In addition, our technical staff is well-versed in several different website technologies like Wordpress, HTML, CSS, PHP and .NET.

Technical Translation Services

High-tech hardware and software translation services require a specialised skill set. Translationz guarantees the highest levels of accuracy in our translations of documents and code for the technology industry.

We also offer other non-technical services, such as website content writing and proofreading. Give us a call or send us an email and we are happy to speak with you to understand your requirements.

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ur interpreter services are available in person, via video conference or over the phone. For court and medical appointments we provide NAATI certified interpreter services.