Bridging Global Gaps: Translation and Interpreter Services

In addition to our text translation services, Translationz provides highly qualified consecutive interpreters and simultaneous interpreters for your verbal interpreting needs. Our interpreters are highly trained subject matter experts with superior language and interpreting skills. Our experienced and certified interpreters are capable of integrating seamlessly into your conference, business meeting, or any other professional environment.

For assignments requiring simultaneous interpreting, Translationz can also provide all necessary interpreting equipment, including interpreter microphones and speaking devices, wireless headsets for delegates, and sound-reduction stands, if required.

We provide interpreters for the following:

  • Legal environments: courts, mediations, depositions, client meetings 
  • Medical environments: doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals  
  • Business meetings and conferences
  • Training programs and seminars
  • Focus groups
  • Business and factory tours, leisure tours
  • Tradeshows
  • Any situation requiring a professional interpreter

Types of Interpreting Offered:

Face-to-Face Interpreting

An interpreter translates the spoken word in two directions, as opposed to a translator who translates the written word. Interpreters think and speak in two languages on the spot and generally without the aid of reference materials or other resources. Our face-to-face interpreting service is the perfect solution when you need an interpreter physically present, such as for a medical appointment, business meeting, conference, seminar, or court case.

Consecutive Interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, the speaker talks and then pauses to allow the interpreter to translate all or part of the speaker’s message into the target language. It is a stop-and-go process. The interpreter generally sits or stands beside the speaker, listening and taking notes when necessary. High-level interpreters have crafted techniques involving intricate note-taking and memory retention, which allow them to interpret long, unbroken stretches of speech up to five or six minutes in length.

Simultaneous Interpreting

A classic example of simultaneous interpreting is a United Nations conference. At these meetings, it is common to see world leaders wearing headsets. While the main speaker is delivering his or her speech, it is being simultaneously interpreted into the native language of every individual who is wearing a headset. In addition to translating the words, the interpreters must also convey the tone, intention, and emotion of the speaker. During debates or confrontational speaking, interpreters must demonstrate high levels of professionalism and diplomacy in conveying the appropriate meaning of the speaker’s message as it is expressed. This adds to the already complex role an interpreter fulfills in dealing with multiple individuals and multiple languages.

More information on Consecutive versus Simultaneous interpreting is available here.

Telephone Interpreting

We offer convenient telephone interpreting services. If you just need an interpreter for a short meeting or an overseas call, phone interpreting is the ideal solution. Call us and we will schedule a telephone interpreter for you based on your requirements. Our professional staff can accommodate your needs, whether you need a telephone interpreter within the next week, the next day, or the next hour.

We offer premier services for clients requiring ongoing, long-term telephone interpreting services. If you need phone interpreters several times per week or per day, we can offer you the most cost-effective solutions for your project. Call us to speak with an Interpreting Services Manager, or click on the "Get a Quote" button to the right.

Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting is ideal when you need to access an interpreter on-demand in situations not suited to telephone interpreting. We have developed an iPhone/iPad Application that connects you with an interpreter by video, allowing communication to take place face-to-face.

Translationz offers our video interpretation services in multiple languages. Call us to speak with an Interpreting Services Manager, or click on the "Get a Quote" button to the right.

Intercultural Consulting and Interpreting

Translationz offers services to help companies meet their global business objectives and succeed in the global marketplace. We provide services relating to ethnic marketing, multicultural training, and multimedia consultation.

The Importance of Court Interpreters

Under the law, all defendants have the right to equal access to justice. However, this access is often unequal for individuals who have limited English proficiency, and a participant’s inability to speak or understand English fluently represents a growing issue in court proceedings today.

To address this challenge, interpreters are required during court trials. The presence and participation of court interpreters allows non-English speakers to fully engage in judicial proceedings. The court interpreter’s job responsibilities go beyond word-for-word translation; they also involve ensuring that a defendant fully understands the proceedings.

A common misconception about court interpreters is that they are simply bilingual people able to translate words into a different language. In reality, court interpreters are skilled professionals, highly trained in the legal lexicon. Court interpreters must be meticulous in their interpretation so that the context comes across exactly as intended; they are well aware of the fact that one word can change the outcome of an entire trial. 

Many court cases can be compelling and emotionally charged. Given the sensitive nature of their work, interpreters must possess not only a deep understanding of the languages in which they specialise, but also extensive knowledge about criminal proceedings and the justice system. Often a case will rely heavily on the interpreter’s ability to accurately interpret and convey crucial information. The consequences of inaccurate interpretation can be catastrophic, and there are documented cases of inaccurate court interpretations leading to questionable trial outcomes.

In addition to all of their other skills, it is vital for court interpreters to remain completely impartial and neutral, never allowing their own emotions to cloud their interpretation. Many trials are rife with intense language and graphic references to violence, mistreatment, prejudice, or abuse. Professional interpreters are trained strictly to do the job at hand and, difficult as it may be, to keep their emotions in check.

Professional court interpreters are vital to ensuring that every defendant receives equal access to justice.

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