Translation Services for Travel and Tourism

Translation services for the travel, leisure and hospitality industry, by Translationz. All of your translation needs from the one company.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are more than 700,000 visitors that fly in to Australia every month and more than 800,000 residents fly to other countries regularly. That means around 8 million tourists visiting Australia yearly, a large majority of which go to major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. There is a large demand for qualified foreign language speakers who can serve as interpreters in the tourism sector.

Marketing Collateral

According to a study made by Harvard Business Review on consumer behavior, a large majority of people cares more about reading information about a product or service in their own language than price. This means that providing marketing materials to appeal to your potential customers is more important than competing with lower prices. We translate and transcreate marketing brochures, advertising and signage to attract tourists to your business.

Website Translation

According to a study made by Forbes, when it comes to tourism 97% of people prefer to find business online, and 50% of people would prefer going to the internet than to call a phone to make their travel bookings. Furthermore a study by HubSpot shows that 20% of Google searches are for local information.

Tourism operators are missing out if they do not cater for speakers of other languages. Don't let your business get left behind. Increase your marketing potential and potential revenue by providing information on your website in different languages.

Translations for Specific Sectors

Hotels, Accommodation/Hospitality

We translate websites, menus, signage, information sheets and other documents used on premise and in your marketing. Provide easy to understand marketing and informational materials to potential customers to attract their attention.

Restaurants, Food & Beverage

In a highly diverse market such as Australia it is very important that your establishment can provide the information that your customers look for. It is not expensive to translate your menu. Imagine how much money you are losing whenever a potential customer cannot choose an item from your menu simply because they cannot understand it and walks away. Just think that it you get an increase in customers it will pay for itself many times over.

We only hire professional translators and we make sure your marketing materials are accurate. Give us a call to get a free quote.

Tourist Destinations and Attractions

Translate directions and attraction information as well as signage and promotional material. Based on a study made by Harvard Business Review, 72.4% of consumers would be more likely to buy a product or use a service using information in their own language. Attract more visitors to your business.

Mobility and Transport

Tourists need to get around. Get them into your business and then use our interpreter services to provide assistance for both tourists and tour guides. Our interpreters are available on site. We also offer on-demand interpreting services on most major languages and we can be your one-stop shop for language services for all your clients.

Meetings, Exhibitions and Special Events 

We have professional simultaneous interpreters as well as the equipment you need for hold a great event for visitors from overseas.

Translation and Interpreter Services

Translationz has a long standing relationship working with industry leaders, providing the best translation and interpreter services. Companies as well as individuals can be provided with on-site as well as video and phone on-demand interpreting service. For business owners that need foreign language services, usually for tourist brochures and posters, don't hesitate to give us a call to ask for a quote. Our professional team of translators and interpreters are always available to service you.


Our foreign language services are available in all major cities and across Australia. You can give us a call on any of our numbers listed below:

Sydney (02) 9119 2200

Melbourne (03) 9034 5299

Brisbane (07) 3123 4887

Canberra (02) 6171 0900

Perth (08) 6365 4119

Adelaide (08) 7070 6757

Hobart (03) 9034 5299


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