Crafting Connections: Farsi Language Services in Australia

The Farsi language, also known as the Persian language, is the most commonly spoken language among the Iranian family of languages. It is a branch of Indo-Iranian languages and Indo-European languages. It is the spoken language of Iran, which was  formerly known as Persia, and is also spoken all throughout Afghanistan. It is also spoken in some parts of Tajikistan and the Pamir Mountain regions. It is primarily spoken in Iran and Afghanistan. Centuries ago, this language was one of the most widely understood language in the countries of Middle East and the Indian region. The most common speakers of this language are the countries belonging in the Persian Gulf area which includes Bahrain, Iraq, People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen, the United Arab Emirates  and Oman. There are also large communities in Australia.

It is very hard to trace the beginning of Farsi-speaking communities migrating to Australia. But it is believed that the first wave of  immigrants came around the 1950s, however the number was quite insignificant. During the early years, there were only a hundred  Farsi-speaking individuals migrating to Australia annually but the number increased significantly by the 1980s, with immigrants coming  in at the rate of around 5,000 a year.

There are large concentrations of Farsi-speaking Australians currently living in the state of New South Wales. Communities have been  formed around Sydney, Newcastle, and Wollongong. There are also communities in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane.

Farsi Interpreters and Translators in Australia

Translationz aims to cater to anyone in need of a translation and interpreter services. As Farsi speakers continue to migrate to Australia, Translationz can accommodate the increased demand for translation and interpreter services. We offer translation services of  documents such as driver’s  licenses, birth certificates, marriage certificates, books, magazines, manuals, and many other printed materials. We also offer interpretation  services to those who are in need, should that be for interviews, medical appointments, legal proceedings, court proceedings and many  others.

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Translationz has professional translators and interpreters available across Australia. You can select from NAATI accredited translators for your official translation needs. We also have the option of non certified translation as required.

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