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Vietnamese is the official and national language of Vietnam. Practically 60 percent of Vietnamese words originate from the Chinese language. It is a complex language for there are six tones used, where each tone will alter the word’s meaning. This makes it quite difficult to learn because the way you say a word, including the pitch you use to say it, will change the meaning of the sentence. Due to this complicated characteristic, the Vietnamese language only has approximately 59 million speakers around the world.

Vietnamese can be categorized in three different dialects, depending on the region in which they originate. The Hanoi dialect refers to the northern area of Vietnam, Hue represents the central Vietnam dialect, and lastly, the Ho Chi Minh City for the southern area of Vietnam. As generations pass, more and more of the Vietnamese language has been incorporating the Chinese elements, thereby creating an increase of Chinese-Vietnamese words.

Vietnamese Interpreter Services in Australia

Vietnam has had an increasing number of immigrants to Australia which began in the 1970s. Major spikes in Vietnamese immigration rates occurred during 1983 and 1984. The third wave occurred during the late 1980s due to a family reunion scheme where more than 90,000 Vietnamese refugees resettled in Australia. Three-fourths of the Vietnamese immigrant population now reside in New South Wales and Victoria. Melbourne and Sydney contain a large portion of Australian residents that have declared Vietnamese ancestry.

Because of the growing population of Vietnamese immigrants and Vietnamese-born Australians, the Vietnamese language has become more of a commonly used language in Australia. It has even been given 6th place on Australia’s most spoken language list. Translationz has extended their services for Vietnamese translation and interpretation request. They know how important it is to communicate with different people from different cultural backgrounds and language uses. That is why Translationz is a certified translation agency that has all the professional Vietnamese translators that you may need, whether the request is for written legal papers or for everyday conversations with a friend. Translationz enlists only the best Vietnamese interpreters for any situation in any location in Australia. This includes Sydney and Melbourne, as well as Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and Canberra.

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Translationz has professional translators and interpreters available across Australia. You can select from NAATI accredited translators for your official translation needs. We also have the option of non certified translation as required. Our services are available across major cities and across Australia.

Vietnamese Translation Melbourne

More than a third of the Vietnamese in Australia are in Melbourne and Victoria (36.8%). We have a team of Vietnamese translators and interpreters in Melbourne are ready to service you. Give us a call on (03) 9034 5299 so we can book you an interpreter. We provide free quotes, so you can call in and ask how much it would cost for a document translation or a face-to-face interpretation.

Vietnamese Translation Sydney

More than a third of the Vietnamese population in Australia lives in Sydney and NSW (39.9%). We provide Vietnamese document translations and interpreter services all across and near Sydney. You can contact our Sydney team at (02) 9119 2200 and get your free quote. We also offer phone and court interpreting as well as certified translations.

Vietnamese Translation Canberra

You can contact our Canberra team at (02) 6171 0900 to have your document translated or to book an interpreter for meetings.

Vietnamese Translation Brisbane

Brisbane also has a large population of Vietnamese. You can reach our Brisbane team at (07) 3123 4887 to book an interpreter or to translate your document.

Vietnamese Translation Perth

We provide certified and non-certified document translation as well as face-to-face, phone, medical and court interpreters in Perth. Give us a call at (08) 6365 4119 to get your free quote.

Vietnamese Translation Adelaide

Vietnamese ranks as one of the top five languages spoken in Adelaide. Get your free quote on document translation and interpreters by giving us a call at (08) 7070 6757.

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