Legal Contract Translation Services in Australia

Translationz works with law firms, legal aid, Departments of Public Prosecution, police and tribunals across Australia.  We use NAATI accredited translators and interpreters to ensure the highest quality of service.  We have a total booking solution that allows you to book online and/or over the phone and our telephone and video interpreting options are available for regional and remote locations. Our translation services provides quick turnaround with certified documents suitable for use in courts and the Australian government. 

We have an extensive client list of most of the major law firms across Australia. We also do a significant amount of medico-legal and workers compensation interpreting work. Contact us to see why we are one of the most trusted translation and interpreting companies in the legal industry.

Translationz has extensive experience in the legal field. We work with lawyers every day, and law firms come to us for a wide variety of projects, including professional interpreting services and document translation. Our translated documents are often essential for courts and government agencies. We provide dependable, high-quality results with a quick turnaround time. When you entrust your work to Translationz, you are guaranteed on-time delivery. We understand the fast pace and pressures of the legal field, and we know your deadlines are critical, particularly prior to court cases.

Legal Translation and Interpreting Services

Legal matters often require translators who are subject matter experts with specialised training and qualifications. Our interpreters are professionals of the highest caliber, with outstanding credentials and experience. Call Translationz for any of your translation or interpreting needs. Whether you need an accurate translation of a legal document or an on-site interpreter at your law office, client’s location, or court, we will provide the most qualified professional for your project.

Law firms often require certified translations of documents when going to court, as well as interpreters to facilitate spoken communication between the parties involved.

Our legal translation and interpreting services include, but are not limited to:

  • Translation of all legal correspondence, including emails and legal documents
  • Translation of technical documents
  • Audio transcription into court-approved, certified translations
  • Translation of contracts, certificates, and business documents
  • Interpreting services for official meetings in law firms and courts
  • Interpreting services at prisons and police stations
  • Phone interpreter services

Legal Interpreting Services

Court interpreters are oral communication specialists who facilitate communication between non-English-speaking and English-speaking participants in court proceedings. Court interpreters are required to be impartial, accurate, and discreet; all information must remain strictly confidential.

There are many things to consider when choosing a legal interpreting service. One important factor is that their interpreters have a thorough understanding of legal terminology and vocabulary. This is essential for all parties involved. In an intense courtroom proceeding, an interpreter must be both highly accurate and highly knowledgeable. In legal matters, a professional, certified interpreter is an invaluable asset.

Translationz provides both consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation. Consecutive interpretation entails two-way communication, such as would occur in the cross-examination of a witness. Simultaneous interpretation makes use of electronic equipment to provide ongoing, uninterrupted translation. Simultaneous interpretation is used for one-way communication, as when entire proceedings require translation.

Court interpretation is a rigorous intellectual practice. Court interpreters undergo extensive training and must abide by a strict code of ethics.

There are three levels of certified legal interpreters in Australia:

Paraprofessional Level (Level 2): This represents a level of competence in interpreting for the purpose of general conversations. Paraprofessional interpreters generally undertake the interpretation of non-specialised dialogues. A Level 3 interpreter is required for the courts; however, when no Level 3 interpreters are available, Level 2 interpreters are often allowable. Translationz will always provide Level 3 interpreters for court situations unless none are available. In such cases, Translationz will always request the client’s permission to substitute Paraprofessional Level 2 interpreters.

Professional Level (Level 3): This represents the minimum level of competence for professional interpreting and is the minimum level recommended for work in most settings, including banking, law, health, and social and community services. Professional Interpreters are capable of interpreting across a wide range of semi-specialised situations and are capable of using the consecutive mode to interpret speeches or presentations.

Conference Level (Level 4): This represents the level of competence required to handle complex, technical, and sophisticated interpreting, in both consecutive and simultaneous modes, in line with recognised international practice. Conference interpreters operate in diverse situations, including at conferences, high-level negotiations, and court proceedings and some specialise in a particular area(s).

If you are looking for an interpreter for an upcoming court hearing it is important to begin your search early, as interpreters’ schedules can fill up quickly. Nonetheless, in most instances we can accommodate last-minute and urgent requests.

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