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Tamil InterpreterTranslationz is the number one service provider of Tamil translators and interpreters across Australia. We offer our services to all major cities and regional Australia. We offer Tamil document translations and interpreter services to English and other languages in all major cities and regional Australia. We translate for many of Australia's top businesses, government, law firms, healthcare providers, not for profits and individuals for a variety of different needs with quick turnaround times and affordable rates. We also offer NAATI certified translation services if required. Give us a call so we can provide you with personalized service to your specific needs.

Tamil to English Translation Services

Translationz offers professional Tamil to English translation services. We can provide NAATI-certified translations by certified translators, which is important for personal documents like birth certificates, driver's licenses, diplomas and marriage certificates, that are needed in immigration cases or other important legal matters.

We are proud to say that many big businesses, organizations and government offices are regular clients of ours and have asked for translations of their websites, marketing materials, documents, letters including any written communication. This is because of our commitment to delivering the best service to our customers and this reflects in the quality of translations we produce. We only work with the best interpreters to provide the best service we can to our customers and we are committed to providing exceptional service with quick turnaround times and affordable prices. Give us a call so we can assist you and see for yourself why Translationz is one of the most trusted language service companies in Australia.

English to Tamil Translation Services

For businesses that wish to appeal to the large number of Tamil-speaking population in Australia, we urge you to consider taking a look at what Translationz has to offer you and your business. We can help you transcreate marketing materials to appeal directly not only to Sri Lankans but to different cultures. The large number of immigrants in Australia will only continue to rise going forward, and it is important for businesses to open themselves to more growth opportunities. Let Translationz help you tap emerging markets for your business. Give us a call on any of our numbers in the city nearest you to find out more details.


Sri Lankan Australians constitute one of the largest groups of Overseas Sri Lankans and is the largest Sri Lankan diaspora community in Oceania. Sri Lankans are the 12th largest ethnic group in Australia with the 2011 census showed that around 86,000 residents were born in Sri Lanka. Because of this we have started offering Tamil language services to accommodate the large demand for certified document translations and interpreters.

Tamil Translation Sydney and NSWTamil Translation

Need a document translation in Sydney or New South Wales? Give us a call to find out how we can help with your Tamil. We are only one of a few companies that offer Tamil translation and interpreting services. Give us a call if you know someone who is looking to migrate or work in Australia so we can assist them with translating the required documents into English that with NAATI certification which will is required for legal matters.

There is currently a large demand for foreign language services in Sydney. It is because back in April 2017 Turnbull and Dutton jointly announced that the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457 visa) was abolished and replaced with the new Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) visa which gives small businesses the chance to hire more skilled workers but more importantly, open up more job opportunities for immigrant workers who seek greener pastures in Australia.

Tamil Translation Melbourne and Victoria

In the last five years, the majority, or more than 70 percent, of migrants from Sri Lanka arrived under the Skilled component of the Migration Program, with around 17 per cent under the Family component. Around 44,000 Sri Lankan-born residents live in Victoria. There are a lot of job opportunities that became available and thus there is also a great need for documentation. Luckily we have started offering our language services. We offer NAATI certified document translations for personal documents such as birth certificates and diplomas which are usually needed when applying for work. We also offer interpreting services for immigration interviews and court appointments.

Our headquarters is in Melbourne and we offer our services to nearby areas of Geelong, Dandenong, Frankston, the Latrobe Valley (including Traralgon and Morwell), Gippsland, Ballarat, Bendigo, Wodonga, Sheparton, Echuca and Mildura and all of Victoria. Give us a call at (03) 9034 5299 so we can assist you with your document translation and interpreter needs. We also offer localisation of marketing materials which will definitely help 

Tamil Translation Canberra and ACT

A lot of Sri Lankans have chosen to leave their home and become refugees or immigrants because of a civil war which spanned 1983 to 2009 with Australia as one of their prime target country to migrate to because of many job opportunities available and the fact that the two countries have a long standing relationship, with Sri Lanka being a former colony of the United Kingdom. In fact in the last 10 years the number of Sri Lankan-born residents have increased by 33%, with 25.8% of the current population came to Australia from 2006 onwards with the rates showing no signs of slowing down. Our professional services in Canberra and ACT as there is a big population of Sri Lankans in the capital since their embassy is located there. You can give our Canberra team a call at (02) 6171 0900 to have your documents translated or to book an interpreter for meetings, conferences, courts, government appointments or even interviews.

Tamil Translator Brisbane

Need a Tamil document translation in Brisbane? Look no further. We are the main provider of Tamil language services in Brisbane, with a history of working closely with different businesses, not for profits, government, and industries to provide exceptional language services. We offer certified translations for personal documents such as driver's licenses, birth certificates and others that require it. We also offer other related services. You can reach our Brisbane team at (07) 3123 4887 to book an interpreter or to translate your document. Get your free quote today!

Tamil Translator Perth

Not all translation companies are the same. We at Translationz provide NAATI certified document translation as well as face-to-face, phone, medical and court interpreters in Perth to meet all your Tamil translation and interpreting needs. Give us a call at (08) 6365 4119 to get your free quote and find out more how we can provide you personalized service to meet your specific needs. Book your interpreter or translator now!

Tamil Translator Adelaide

Translationz provides the most reliable Tamil translation and interpreter services in Adelaide. According to the 2011 census there were 50,151 Australians, 0.23% of the population, who spoke Tamil at home. Although majority of Tamil Australians live in Victoria and New South Wales, we extend our services to other major cities and the rest of Australia. Certified translations can be useful for legal appointments and job applications while licensed and certified interpreters are useful in healthcare, government and business meetings. We even have translators and interpreters who specialize in differernt disciplines and work with big businesses in different industries like mining, fisheries, technology and life sciences. Translationz is one of the most trusted translation and interpreter service provider. Give out Perth team a call at (08) 7070 6757 to find out more!   

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