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Ethiopia is a complex country. According to the Ethnologue. It currently has more than 85 living languages. This can become an obstacle in communicating with the Ethiopians and for them to communicate to us. Special attention must be given to determine which language a particular Ethiopian is speaking. If the language cannot be determined, then it would be near impossible to communicate effectively.

Translationz is fully aware of this complication and puts full attention in properly determining the right language you would need to translate or interpret a sentence to. This translation agency provides the experts for all your Ethiopian translation needs, including the languages Amharic, Oromigna, Tigrinya and even Somali. If a legal document must be translated from English to an Ethiopian language, or the other way around, then Translationz has the professionals you are looking for in Australia.

Because Ethiopia has such a populated nation, being Africa’s runner up for most populated nation, they also have high emigrant rates. Many are  also immigrating to Australia. Due to this increase of Ethiopian immigrants, translators and interpreters are becoming more and more important in Australia. This importance leads to an increase of demand. As stated by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, trade rates between Ethiopia and Australia is also rising and that means these importing and exporting companies need to be able to properly communicate with each other. This is where Translationz comes in and aids all those in need, whether from formal documents to everyday interactions.

Ahmaric Ethiopian Translation and Interpreting Services

The official national language of Ethiopia is Amharic. This is why it is being taught in primary schools throughout Ethiopia. English is also being used by instructors and professors from the secondary level in schools all the way to universities. With the emigrants moving to Australia, not all have been able to learn to speak the English language.

Translationz offers a wide range of translation and interpretation services, including Amharic. The growing Ethiopian population in Australia will require some help for different aspects of interacting with the rest of the Australian population. This is a translation and interpretation agency that is more than willing to help anyone and everyone who needs Amharic language conversion to English or from English to Amharic.

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