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Translationz is the top foreign language translation services across Sydney and NSW. We have a vast list of languages that we service. We also have specialist translators for industries and professions. Contact us to see why we are one of the most trusted translation companies serving Sydney.

Immigration document translation continues to be in demand. Australia continues to be one of the most sought after destinations to migrate. Sydney, being Australia's oldest and most populous city, is the target destination for most immigrants. In the 2011 Census around 1.4 million residents are, in fact, born overseas. Sydney is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world because of this. This means that businesses need excellent and reliable interpreters and translators to help develop client relations. Effective communication is an essential element of building trust with clients. Individuals also need a lot of documents to be translated and may need interpreter services when having meetings, whether be it for legal, business, or medical purposes. Our team of translators and interpreters provide professional service you can trust. Translationz is the company to go to if you need document translations and on-site or phone interpreters with our Sydney translation and interpreter services.

Translation Services Sydney

Our team of translators in Sydney can translate your documents in a foreign language to English and vice versa. We translate official documents, contracts, medical documents, letters, receipts, websites, instruction manuals, invoices, technical documents, medical records and other types of documents you might need. We also offer certified translation for personal documents such as birth certificates, diplomas or driver's licenses for all your needs. You can send us a copy of your document so we can review it and provide you with a free quote. Our Sydney translator services are extremely competitive and we offer quick turnaround times upon request. You can talk with us at (02) 9119 2200 and we'll be more than happy to assist you with your needs!

Document Translation

Documents need to be translated for different purposes.  We will discuss your needs and advise on the suitability of different translation services. We provide our document translation across Sydney and Australia. Our team of translators promise a quick turnaround time with very competitive pricing.  We are an Australian owned Pty Ltd company with appropriate insurance.

The languages that are available in Sydney and across Australia include translations to and from English.

Table below gives an idea of the breadth of languages we support.

Professional Translation Services Sydney (02) 9119 2200 Most languages supported with NAATI certified translations
Aceh (alt name Acehnese) Gupapuyngu Motu
Acholi Hakka (Interpreter Only) Multani
Adapted Sign Language Hamun Murrinh-Patha (Interpreter Only)
Afrikaans Harari Nepali
Albanian Hassaniyya Nepali [Recognition]
Alyawarra (Interpreter Only) Hazaragi (Interpreter Only) Ngaanyatjarra (Interpreter Only)
American Sign Language (alt name ASL) Hazaragi [Recognition] Norwegian
Amharic Hebrew Nuer
Ancient Greek Hindi Nuer [Recognition]
Anindilyakwa (Interpreter Only) Hindustani Nunggubuyu
Anmatyerr (alt name Anmatyerre) (Interpreter Only) Hiri-Motu Nyangumarta (Interpreter Only)
Arabic Hmong Nyikina
Armenian Hokkien Oromo
Armenian [Recognition] Hungarian Oromo [Recognition]
Assyrian Ibo Pali
Assyrian [Recognition] Icelandic Pashto
Auslan (Interpreter Only) Ilocano Persian
Azari Ilonggo Pidgin, Nigerian
Azerbaijani Indonesian Pintupi-Luritja (Interpreter Only)
Bangla Italian Pitjantjatjara (Interpreter Only)
Bari Iwaidja Polish
Bassa  (Liberian) Japanese Portuguese
Bielorussian Jaru Portuguese/Spanish
Bosnian Javanese Pukapukan
British Sign Languaage (alt name BSL) Jingpho (alt name Kachin) Pulaar
Bulgarian Juba Arabic [Recognition) Punjabi
Bunuba Kakwa Rohingya (Interpreter Only)
Burarra (Interpreter Only) Kala  Rohingya [Recognition]
Burmese Kala Lagaw Ya (alt name Kala Kawaw Ya) (Interpreter Only) Romanian
Cantonese (Interpreter Only) Kannada [Recognition] Russian
Catalan Karen Russian/Spanish
Cebuano Karen (Recognition) Samoan
Chaldean Karen, Pwo Eastern Sanskrit
Chaldean (Recognition) Karen, S&#;gaw Serbian
Chin Kariyarra Shan
Chin (Falam) Kashmiri Shanghainese
Chin (Hakha) Kaytej Shilluk
Chin (Hakha) [Recognition] Kaytetye Sindhi
Chin (Khumi) Kazakh Sinhalese
Chin (Mara) Khmer Slovak
Chin (Matu) Kija Slovak [Recognition]
Chin (Mizo) (alt name Mizo) Kinyarwanda ( Rwanda) Slovene
Chin (Tedim) Kiribati Somali
Chin (Zotung) Kirundi ( Rundi,Urund) Spanish
Chinese (Translator Only) Kisi, Southern (alt name Kissi), Liberia Sundanese
Chinese, Hakka [Recognition] Kiswahili (See Swahili) Swahili ( Kiswahili)
Chinese, Min Nan Kongo, San Salvador (alt name Kikongo) Swahili ( Kiswahili) [Recognition]
Chiu-Chownese Konkani Swatow
Cook Island Maori Korean Swedish
Croatian Krio Syriac
Czech Kriol (Interpreter Only) Taiwanese
Danish Kriol (Fitzroy Valley) (Interpreter Only) Tajiki
Dari Kriol (Gurindji) (Interpreter Only) Tamil
Deaf Interpreter Kriol (Kimberley) (Interpreter Only) Tatar
Deaf Oral Kriol (Roper River) (Interpreter Only) Telugu
Dinka Kukatja (Interpreter Only) Teo Chiew
Dinka [Recognition] Kunwinjku Tetum (Interpreter Only)
Djambarrpuyngu (Interpreter Only) Kurdish (Kurmanji) Tetum [Recognition]
Djambarrpuyngu Kurdish (Kurmanji) [Recognition] Thai
Djapu Kurdish (Sorani) Themne (alt name Temne)
Dutch Kurdish (Sorani) [Recognition] Tibetan
Dutch/German Kurdish, Southern (Feyli) Tigre
Dyirbal Kurdish, Southern (Feyli) [Recognition] Tigrinya
Eastern Aranda (Arrernte) (Interpreter Only) Lao Timorese Hakka
Eastern Arrernte (Interpreter Only) Latin Tiwi
Esperanto Latvian T&#;oishan
Estonian Lebanese (refer to Arabic) Tongan
Ethic Questions (Translator Only) Liberian English Torres Strait Creole (alt name Yumplatok) (Interpreter Only)
Ewe Lingala Turkish
Fiji Hindi (alt name Fijian Hindustani) Lithuanian Turkmen
Fijian Liyagalawumirr Twi
Filipino Luganda Uighur, Uighurese  (see Uyghur)
Finnish Luritja (Interpreter Only) Ukrainian
Flemish Macedonian Ukrainian [Recognition]
French Malay Urdu
French/German Malayalam Uyghur (alt name Uighur, Uighurese)
French/Russian Maltese Uzbek
French/Spanish Maltese [Recognition] Vietnamese
Fulfulde (alt name Fulani) Mandarin (Interpreter Only - Translator pre ) Visayan
Fur Mandingo Walmajarri (Interpreter Only)
Fuzhou Manjiljarra Wangkatha
Gaelic Marathi Warlpiri (Interpreter Only)
Gajerrong Martu Wangka (Interpreter Only) Warlpiri [Recognition]
Ganda Mauritian Warumungu (Interpreter Only)
Garawa Melanesian Pidgin English Western Aranda (Arrernte)
Gbe, Waci (alt name Wachi) Mende Western Arrarnta (Interpreter Only)
Geez Meriam, Miriam-Mir Western Arrernte (Interpreter Only)
Gen Mina Wik-Mungkan (Interpreter Only)
Georgian Miriuwung (Interpreter Only) Wolof
German Modern Tiwi (Interpreter Only) Written English
German/Italian Mon [Recognition] Yankunytjatjara (Interpreter Only)
German/Spanish Mongolian Yanyuwa
Gikuyu ( Kikuyu)   Yiddish
Greek   Yindjibarndi (Interpreter Only)
Gujarati   Yoruba
Gumatj (Interpreter Only)   Zande
Gunwinkgu   Zo (alt name Zomi)


Certified Translation

For clients that require certified document translations we offer certified translation services as well. We translate birth certificates, driver's licenses or contracts or anything that needs certification that the translation was done by a certified translator.

Interpreter Services Sydney

Many individuals also require Sydney foreign language interpreter services. Individuals usually need medical and legal interpreting services. We also provide court interpreter services. Aside from on-site interpreting, we offer phone interpreting services when the location is remote or if the client is usually busy and doesn't have enough time for an on-site interpreter.

Onsite Interpreter Sydney

Business meetings, and events like weddings, conferences and conventions require on-site interpreting services. You can also request for interpreters with a specialization depending on what type of event you have. Check our interpreter availability by giving us a call so we can reserve their schedule for you.

Sydney Court Interpreter

Court interpreters are sometimes needed for legal proceedings like depositions. Not all interpreters are certified to work in court as courts require certified court interpreters only. We at Translationz provide the best court interpreter services around Sydney. Give us a call at (02) 9119 2200 to schedule a court interpreter.

Phone Interpreter

We provide phone interpreters whenever clients need an interpreter on demand, when their location is remote, or when the client is busy and does not have time to have someone scheduled to go to their location. Our phone interpreting rates are competitive and we provide only the best interpreters possible. Give us a call at (02) 9119 2200 to schedule a phone interpreter.

Foreign Language Translator and Interpreter

We have worked with for a long time with businesses, government, and individuals across Sydney and Australia. We can provide you with the best interpreter and translation service you can find in Sydney and surrounding areas, and we provide service for most major foreign languages.

Interpreter Equipment Rental

For big events there are times when organizers need more than one interpreter specially for international seminars. We can provide equipment for those clients that need professional interpreter equipment for their events such as booths, transmitters and receivers. Booths block noise so the transmitters only pick up what the interpreters say, and receivers for different languages can be handed out to your audience so different language speakers can attend your event at the same time. We'll help you choose what type of equipment will fit your event the best.

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