We understand the significance of maintaining brand consistency and ensuring that specific terms are translated in alignment with your preferences or industry standards. To that end, if you have a glossary or a style guide, we actively encourage you to provide it.

What is the benefit of providing these materials?

Consistency across translations: A glossary ensures that specific terms, especially those unique to your brand or industry, are translated consistently across different documents or projects. This uniformity can enhance the clarity of your message and solidify brand recognition.

Accuracy and Precision: A style guide can inform our translators about your preferred tone, voice, and other stylistic preferences. Whether you want the translation to be formal, conversational, or somewhere in between, a style guide helps ensure that the end result aligns with your brand's voice.

Efficiency: Providing these resources can streamline the translation process. When our translators have clear guidelines, it reduces the time spent on clarifications or revisions, leading to a faster turnaround for your projects.

How to provide your materials?

Once you decide to proceed with a translation project, our team will guide you on how best to share your glossary or style guide. We have secure methods in place to ensure your materials are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

At Translationz your input is invaluable. By collaborating and sharing resources like glossaries or style guides, we can ensure that the translations not only convey the right message but also resonate with the intended audience in the most effective way.

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