We are dedicated to meeting all of Australia's different language needs. The 2021 census showed that people across the country speak a wide range of languages. Because of this, we offer translations into the following languages:

Languages Spoken in Australia According to the 2021 Census

English: Representing approximately 72.7% of the population.

Mandarin: About 2.5% of Australians speak Mandarin at home.

Arabic: Approximately 1.4% of the population converse in Arabic.

Cantonese: Spoken by close to 1.2% of Australians.

Vietnamese: Making up about 1.1% of the language landscape.

Italian: With around 1.0% of the population fluent in this romance language.

Greek: A classical language spoken by roughly 1.0% of Aussies.

Hindi: Close to 0.7% of the population speak Hindi.

Spanish: With an estimated 0.7% Spanish-speaking populace.

Punjabi: Approximately 0.6% of Australians communicate in Punjabi.

Tagalog (Filipino): A language of roughly 0.6% of the community.

German: Spoken by about 0.6% of the population.

Korean: Accounting for 0.5% of Australia's linguistic diversity.

Tamil: Voiced by nearly 0.5% of our residents.

French: With about 0.5% of the population fluent in this global tongue.

Urdu: Representing close to 0.5% of linguistic diversity.

Turkish: Spoken by 0.4% of Australians.

Japanese: Making up roughly 0.4% of the language profile.

Thai: Communicated by around 0.3% of the population.

Portuguese: Voiced by close to 0.3% of Australians.

We understand that our vibrant nation speaks many tongues, and while the above list represents a snapshot of Australia's linguistic profile, it is by no means exhaustive. If your language isn't listed or you have specific requirements, please reach out to us, and we'll be keen to assist.

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