Pricing of our translation services

Translation service pricing varies based on several factors, such as language pair, complexity of the content, turnaround time, and more. We have a variety of methods that we use to price your translations services.

Per Word Pricing:

This is the most common pricing model for our clients. Clients are charged for each word of the source document that needs to be translated. This model is transparent and easy to verify. The actual price per word can vary based on the language pair. For instance, translating English to Norwegian might be more expensive than translating English to Chinese due to demand and availability of translators. Rarer languages and more complex languages may be priced higher.

Per Page Pricing:

In some instances we charge per page, especially if the content has a consistent layout or if it's for specific types of documents (e.g., certificates). If you have a driver's license, marriage certificate, death certificate, divorce papers or academic transcripts, then we may offer you a per page price.

Hourly Rate:

We have clients where we have our translator working full time or on major projects and therefore offer an hourly or daily rate. Some projects, especially those that require additional research, editing, or consultation, might be charged on this basis. This model is more common for tasks post-editing machine translation, and projects with unclear scopes.

Flat Fee:

We also offer flat fee pricing. For certain projects or services, that are standardized services or projects with a well-defined scope, like website localization for a specific number of pages, we offer flat fee pricing.

Minimum Charge:

We do have a minimum charge for each project. These are typically for very small projects with the minimum charge to cover administrative and operational costs. For example, where there are one or two lines that need to be translated.

Additional Costs:

Specialised services like notarisation, NAATI certification, desktop publishing, or expedited turnaround have different pricing

How Much Does Translation Cost Per Word/Page?

The exact cost of translation services can vary widely based on several factors:

Language Pair: Common language pairs (e.g., English-Arabic) are usually cheaper than less common pairs (e.g., English-Icelandic) due to supply and demand.

Complexity and Specialization: General content will typically be cheaper to translate than specialized content like medical, legal, or technical documents, which require subject matter expertise. NAATI certified translations cost more however are suitable for government submissions in Australia.

Urgency: Rush jobs or projects with tight deadlines might cost more.

To give a general idea:

Per Word: As of my last update in January 2022, rates can range from $0.12 to $0.30 per word for common language pairs and can go higher for rare languages or specialised content.

Per Page: A page (typically considered as 150-250 words) might range from $28 to $40, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Ask us for a free quote for your specific requirements to get an accurate idea of costs. Always inquire about what the quote includes (e.g., proofreading, revisions) and any potential additional fees.

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