Machine Translation or Human Translation

We strike a balance between the efficiency of machine translation and the nuance of human expertise. Here's how our process works:

For certain projects, especially when we're working with our regular clients who have recurring needs, we initially utilise machine translation. This allows us to speed up the translation process and ensure consistent results, particularly when dealing with repetitive content or large volumes of text.

It's crucial to note that machine translation is just the beginning. Every piece of content that undergoes machine translation is then meticulously reviewed by our team of professional human translators. 

They scrutinise the translated material to ensure that the tone, context, and cultural nuances are accurately captured. This two-step process allows us to combine speed with precision.

While technology offers valuable tools, we firmly believe in the irreplaceable expertise and insight that our human translators bring to the table. Even though we harness the power of machine translation in certain scenarios, our primary emphasis remains on the discerning touch of our skilled human translators. 

We ensure quality and accuracy as our top priorities, and we're committed to delivering translations that resonate authentically with your target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions